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Seasonal Residents, Investors, VRBO Owners and Snowbirds-

Who is watching your Central Oregon home when you can't be there?

Four Seasons Home Services has a twenty-nine-year tradition of second home care in Central Oregon.  As a local, Central Oregon company we understand the challenges that homeowners face in both our climate and our community and are committed to helping protect the investment you have in your home.


Home problems can arise at any time such as roof leaks, ice dams, wind damage, pest infestations, plumbing leaks or appliance failures.  Our routine checks of your home can help prevent or mitigate these issues from escalating into costly expenses.  This helps ensure that your home is secure, the temperature is seasonally appropriate, and everything is ready for your return.


We offer weekly customized checks of your home and are flexible to meet many needs. After each visit, you will receive a digital report detailing our home watch check and calling attention to any important details.  If a problem is found you will be notified immediately, and we will work with you and our trusted local vendors to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 


What is a professional home watch service?

Home Watch is defined as the visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.  Many non-resident homeowners rely on friends, neighbors and local family to look after their homes in their absence.  However, many of these people are not qualified for the complexities of this job, or don't have the time to keep a regular schedule of visits.  Our home watch team is trained to look, listen and be aware of the multitude of issues that can arise and are always looking out for the best interests of our homeowners. 


The visible evidence of regular visits to a home may act as a crime deterrent.  Additionally, if you are away for long periods of time insurers may deny your claim if an accident or damage occurs in your home.  We can help you document that your property has been monitored while you were away, possibly saving you from costly claim denials.  Check with your insurance broker for details.  Whether you're a snowbird or a vacation home owner, with 4 Seasons Home Services you can be sure that your routine home maintenance and security regimens will continue while you are away and that any emergent issues will be addressed promptly.  

Why 4 Seasons Home Services?

We will provide honest, dependable service for you while acting as an extra pair of eyes on your home. As an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association, we are part of a professional community of like-businesses who share ideas, strategies and best practices for home checks and other services for non-resident homeowners. We have a reputation for friendliness, excellent communication, trustworthiness and dependability and are focused on the Bend and Sunriver areas. Our staff in both locations know these communities and can be boots on the ground in a timely manner.  We can be flexible to meet the needs of our homeowners, and our prices are competitive. 

Home watch in Central Oregon

Competitive Pricing

Insured & Bonded

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