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Home Watch Services

Complete interior check including temperature, appliance function & more

Exterior walk around to look for signs of damage and overall home wellness

Lights on and heat up in preparation for owner or guest arrival

Check to ensure that all doors and windows are secure & garbage is out 

Keyholding services while homes are in transition, coordination of remodels, service & maintenance






Our basic weekly Home Watch service always includes a visual inspection of your home or property, looking for obvious issues. Our staff use a digital checklist to ensure consistency. Our inspections can be customized to meet the needs of your specific home.  We will immediately notify you if any damage is found, or if there are issues that need to be addressed. After each inspection you will be sent a digital version of your home watch report. 


Interior Checks Include:

  • Operate all faucets and flush toilets & check for visible leaks in plumbing unless otherwise requested

  • Make sure that all sink and cabinet doors are open to guard against frozen pipes

  • Visually check for leaks in ceilings, walls, under sinks and around appliances that use water

  • Check home temperature to ensure proper furnace operation

  • Examine all doors, windows and sliders to ensure they are locked and secure

  • Check for visible pest infestations

  • Check to make sure that appliances are functioning appropriately

  • Investigate any noises, beeps, alarms or strange odors

  • Water plants if requested

  • Check and report on overall interior cleanliness


Exterior Checks Include:

  • Examine property for broken windows, forced entry or vandalism

  • Visual inspection of roof, gutters and decks

  • Check screens for signs of damage

  • Remove newspapers, flyers and debris from front walkway

  • Check for visually evident exterior pest infestations

  • Report on landscape maintenance

  • Report on seasonal items such as vent blocks, snow depth & snow removal services

  • Check for evidence of storm damage

  • Check exterior faucets for leakage or covered in cold weather

Designer Lamps

Arrival Services:

  • Touch-up cleaning

  • Lights on

  • Seasonally appropriate temperature; heat or AC on as appropriate

  • Grocery shopping

  • Cars to airport or other transportation arranged

  • Other custom services available by request

Image by Mantas Hesthaven

Departure Services:

  • Ensure that all doors and windows are closed and secure

  • Arrange airport transportation or pick cars up from airport

  • Set alarms and lights

  • Discard perishable foods

  • Remove garbage mistakenly left by homeowner

  • Housekeeping

  • Setting appropriate "away" temperature as requested by homeowner

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Services for Realtors:

  • Short term home watch for homes that are on the market, or have recently sold to not-yet-resident owners

  • Pre-move-in executive level cleaning for homes on our home watch service

  • Keyholding to allow vendors or contractors access to the home

  • Coordination of remodel projects for new owners

  • Coordination of maintenance required before move-in

  • Other services available by request

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